Researching New Treatment Options by Evaluating Clinical Trial Results

by Roberta Carson, Zaggo, on February 19, 2018

Are you trying to find information on new treatments?

When you, or a loved one, have a serious medical condition, it is natural, and important, to want to learn as much as you can about the condition and potential treatments. When traditional, often-used treatments are not promising or not working for you or your loved one, it can be helpful to research new treatments that have recently been evaluated in clinical trials.

Roberta Carson

Roberta Carson

Founder and President of Zaggo, Inc.

Roberta Carson started Zaggo, a non-profit organization, to help patients and family caregivers manage illnesses and injuries, after her experience as caregiver for her teenage son Zachary during his 27-month battle with terminal brain cancer. Zaggo’s mission is to provide patients and families with the educational information, tools, and resources they need to become empowered, engaged, effective members of their medical teams for the best possible care.